What to expect from AlternativeSec!

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Well first things first, Happy New Year!! Hopefully everyone’s head is a little clearer after all the festivities!

Ok, so now that’s out of the way, more about what to expect from the AlternativeSec blog!

Quite simply, you can expect to see some of my adventures from pentest land featured here (OpSec permitting), walkthroughs of vulnerable virtual machines from Vulnhub, as well as other relevant topics and issues. There will also be blog posts about new things I encounter, testing tools, scripting, security cons and anything else that I am trying to learn for my own personal development and that never ending quest for knowledge!

I’ll be aiming to keep the blog posts themselves pretty straight forward without being to long winded (where possible!). I’ll include links to accompanying research and/or third party sites where appropriate or any useful bits and pieces that have personally helped me out.

Well I guess thats all for the first post from 2017 and be on the look out for future AlternativeSec blog posts.

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